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Email Lists

A number of free public lists are hosted on this site. You can manage your subscriptions to these lists from the following pages.

ProFox - the leading email support list for Visual FoxPro.

ProFoxTech - A subset of the ProFox list, with all Off-Topic messages filtered out.

Be sure to see the FAQ for the ProFox lists

ProLinux - a list designed to discuss issues for those who are migrating to Linux.

ProPython - a new list designed to provide help for beginner and intermediate Python developers.

Dabo-Dev - The primary list for developers involved with The Dabo Framework.

Dabo-Users - A general discussion list for users of The Dabo Framework.

Searchable archives of ProFox, ProLinux, ProPython, Dabo-Dev and Dabo-Users are available. I also host the archives for the Valentina mailing list, although I don't host the actual list. Info on that list is available at

I've added a to the archives