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A full VFP FTP Class that will handle passive and non passive mode and user defined port to communicate through if different to the standard port 21. Note that SFTP is NOT supported yet!!! Some routines are taken from the coding on news2news site and have been assembled with other calls to standard Windows API calls to make up this class. A Features such as connect, send, receive, get folder contents, delete file are supported. Any errors or modifications, please let me no so I can update the source code. Author: Dave Crozier  Freeware 4.3K Last updated: 2018.09.11
This is the code I've been using for the past 9+ years for keeping the local workstations updated with the latest version. Feel free to ask any questions (mbabcock A;T, mbsoftwaresolutions Dawt com) Author: Michael J. Babcock, MCP  Freeware 5.8K Last updated: 2017.08.14
Jaro-Winkler Distance Algorithm Similar in function to a Levenshtein algorithm, this will accept a text string and return close known matches. According to experts, the Jaro algorithm is a measure of characters in common, being no more than half the length of the longer string in distance, with consideration for transpositions. Winkler modified the Jaro algorithm to support the idea that differences near the start of the string are more significant than differences near the end of the string. Jaro and Jaro-Winkler are suited for comparing smaller strings like words and names. The Levenshtein algorithm counts the number of edits (insertions, deletions, or substitutions) needed to convert one string to the other. Which to use? Depends on your need. I've used the Jaro-Winkler to match names, and also inventory SKUs, with excellent results both in speed and accuracy. Example Searching for matches to XXHPWS1000MW provided XXHPWS1000MWW 0.98 XXHTWP1000MWW 0.94 XXGHWP1000MWW 0.93 XDHSWP1000MWW 0.90 etc. Add the attached function to your MySQL/MariaDB server, I've named mine "Klose" in MariaDB. Example of use in a VFP SQL statement... global pcSearch set pcSearch = 'Bob' select firstname,lastname, klose(firstname,?pcSearch) as possible from (select firstname, lastname from customers where soundex(firstname) like soundex(?pcSearch)) as hits order by possible desc limit 10 The above will provide the 10 closest matches to the string "Bob" in the firstname field, with the first potential match being the closest in spelling, the second potential match being a bit less of a match, etc. Author: unknown  Freeware 2.9K Last updated: 2017.04.25
Function to validate UTF8 String in Visual Foxpro and avoid problems in XML files Parameters: string to validate (Sorry, previous file is incorrect) Author: Jose Enrique Llopis  Freeware 8.0K Last updated: 2016.12.20
Compares table structures Author: Stephen Weeks  Freeware 231.9K Last updated: 2016.02.11
A wrapper class around Craig Boyd's VFPCompression.fll functionality. Bug fixes. Version 0.2. Author: Kevin Cully  Other Open Source License 19.9K Last updated: 2016.01.05
Connect your software with Google Calendar, export and import events from any calendar, using identification oAuth2. Please read the PDF document included (in English and Spanish) before running the example. Author: Jose Enrique Llopis  Freeware 831.8K Last updated: 2015.12.21
VFP grids, when you requery (unless using a native view) seem to lose their mind and several devs resort to manual hardcode to restore the columns. Never hand-code your grid restores again. Just take the SaveSource and RestoreSource code from this class and implement it into your framework. (Of course, if you're not subclassing and instead using native controls, this is no help to you....and you really should subclass!!) Big thanks to Paul Mrozowski from my short stint in Michigan back in 2005 for this code. Author: Michael J. Babcock / Paul Mrozowski  Freeware 4.1K Last updated: 2015.12.10
Custom class and sample code to send SMTP email using the PowerShell Send-MailMessage cmdlet. Supports HTML body, multiple recipients including CC/BCC, multiple attachments, priority, SSL/TLS (without faffing with Stunnel a la Blat). This is a simple example, there is no checking for the presence of least one recipient, correctly formed email addresses anything else. Requires Powershell 3.0 which will be already installed on Windows 7 SP1 / Windows Server 2008 or later. Windows XP and Windows Vista not supported. Author: Alan Bourke  Freeware 12.5K Last updated: 2015.11.12
In light of the thread, here is a list of 10,000 common passwords I got from either somebody here or online a long time ago. If you've got a better list, post it! This might help folks who want to disallow users from choosing one of these 10,000. Author: Michael J. Babcock, MB Software Solutions, LLC  Freeware 123.4K Last updated: 2015.03.15
Use this script to create a set of INSERT records that detects the structure of your VFP tables. This works well with the utility of STRU2MYSQL_2.PRG which scripts a CREATE TABLE file. This may work for PostgreSQL as well as MariaDB and MySQL. Note that if your table is really large, you may run into execution limits, or file size limits. There is another utility that opens up a connection from VFP and upsizes the data. This utility just creates a script of INSERT statements that you run through phpMyAdmin or the like. Author: Kevin Cully  Freeware 6.1K Last updated: 2014.11.06
VFP9SP2 hotfixes to bring you up to build 7423. Author: Microsoft Corporation I guess  Freeware 10.8MB Last updated: 2014.05.18
This code requires VFP 9's CToBin function. These API calls will enable a program running with administrative privileges to start and stop a service. Author: Tracy Pearson  Freeware 1.3K Last updated: 2014.02.25
ImageMagick is originally a product oriented to Unix devloppment.It consists in command lines or com objects.its communly used in C++,java, com objects. I demonstrate with some tests(one application and 81 prgs) here that can be very usefull from VFP. I remember the steps to install imagamagick: go to this windows download page: may sure its the windows version its important. ImageMagick-6.6.5-10-Q16-windows-dll.exe: this is the link to download the http version: -install the soft -see in the imagemagick folder: you must have magickCMD.exe and imagemagickObject.dll and you have other master programs (convert,composite,animate,identify.....) to register the dll use this in the command prompt windows regsvr32 <fullpath>\imagemagickObject.dll a message notification appears with successfull registering... -install the two fonts in the zip i sent (candice and Gecko) -and you can work without problem.(imagemagick must be stay installed-like you work on word or excel you must have word/excel installed). you can design any another working folder (out of imagemagick to work with magickCMD or the com object-simply copy the magickCMD.exe and imageMagickObject.dll in this folder). -note magickCMD is a dos program. you can work directly on DOS window (i use that for testing each line command) -position to c:\ ,stroke your line command and stroke in separate line : explorer c:\<image file> -you can use the to run all the 81 prgs or can run it one by one. Author: Yousfi Benameur  Freeware 1.2MB Last updated: 2013.12.02
This work is based around Avisynth.Dll and gives a diversity of video and audio capabilities. Avisynth is not an automation object but its scripts are simple and cool to manipulate with visual foxpro 9. More than 85 codes are wrote in this application yAvisynth.exe to make the fox developper able to work easily with this wonderfull free tool. Yousfi Benameur November 2013 Author: Yousfi Benameur  Freeware 17.9MB Last updated: 2013.11.23
This is maybe a first view from visual foxpro of the video&audio world from FFMPEG , a fabulous open source. I insert more than 30 codes to do many operations on any media.The majority of codes can accessed in the projectt. I joigned the last vesrion of ffmpeg.exe (can download for free but warning to the updates it can confuse). This is the first and alpha version.Please report any bug. thanks Author: Yousfi Benameur  Freeware 10.6MB Last updated: 2013.11.09
To get the Financial Year of a given date whether passed as date or string Author: Sumit Saha  Freeware 0.5K Last updated: 2013.09.30
here are some VFP functions that interface with Windows's API. I tried to write some explanation in english ! A lot of them are not tested. Pay attention to #IF .F. This work is to be continued ... Most of the code was given by Mike GAGNON in Canada Author: J. MAURICE with M. GAGNON's Help  Freeware 62.4K Last updated: 2013.05.15
I have translated the user manual from the original Spanish. I hope it is useful to all Anglophones Author: Guillermo Carrero - Barcelona - Spain  Freeware 1.2MB Last updated: 2013.04.12
Updated version of Markus Winhard's resizing class. Fixes issue in resizeControl method with font scaling of certain controls contained in column objects. Updated version number and zz_readme with info on changes made. Author: Markus Winhard (updated by Richard Kaye)  Freeware 32.3K Last updated: 2013.04.03
-Drawing on all surface form yc top level forms -Drawing directly on windows desktop -Known system colors and converter -some arrounds *rename ee to exe and pre to prg please in the zip. Author: YOUSFI BENAMEUR  Freeware 350.2K Last updated: 2013.03.12
Steven Black's msgsvc.prg is about the best messagebox() substitute that I have found. Unfortunately, it is .dbf-driven. bettermb.prg is an adjustment used with msgsvc.prg to have a non-table-driven messagebox() substitute. Custom button labels (up to nine buttons). msgsvc.prg has not been changed. msgsvc.prg can be downloaded from (section "Utilities for VFP"). Author: Gene Wirchenko  Freeware 22.0K Last updated: 2013.03.06
Takes a string value, parses the individual characters into an array and saves the result to a file. Author: Richard Kaye  Freeware 3.4K Last updated: 2013.01.11
The Windows API IsUserAnAdmin was deprecated in Windows 7. It did not always work correctly in Windows Vista. This will correctly determine if the current application is running with administrative privileges. It returns the same value as the original API does. 1 = True, 0 = False Author: Tracy Pearson  Freeware 0.7K Last updated: 2013.01.09
Hi Ed ! I send you a code i built for many sorts of captures : -screen -any active window -Any rectangular,elliptical,roudrectangular region on screen -Free hands captures -Sound recording from system (and playing) -Captures can be jpg,bmp,png or gif format -.. please for google mail limitations : ycap.eee is to rename to ycap.exe lame.eee is to rename to lame.exe put this attachment in the visual foxpro download corner 'tested on vfp9 SP2 windows xp sp3). Thank you Author: Yousfi Benameur  Freeware 646.0K Last updated: 2013.01.07
Tables with Memo field may be browsed in the strechable form with grid. By pressing End Key the memo field will open in a separate window. Also the contents of memo field can be copied in a address.txt file by pressing keys Alt + F1. The table may be transferred to an excel file without the memo field. The table may be transferred with memo field if attached with my previously uploaded dbf2excel program which may be download from this site. Also a find command button is attached to search the table. Just unzip the file and run list_record.prg in Visual FoxPro. Happy Browsing Author: Sumit Saha  Freeware 404.8K Last updated: 2012.09.09
A programatic class (non viual designer) that incorporates FTP client access to traverse the folder structure of the remote site and send/receive files. At the head of the .prg is a small demonstration that shows how to use the class. Author: Dave Crozier  Freeware 4.4K Last updated: 2012.08.17
This functions converts a "Insert into tablename from name oTable" clause into a statement that can be used with SQLEXEC function to insert an object generated with the NAME clause of the SCATTER command directly into a SQL Server table.It analyzes the VFP sentence and transforms it into a TSQL statement to be used with the SQLExec function of VFP Author: Rafael Copquin  Freeware 3.3K Last updated: 2012.02.28
Dual mode program to: 1. Create a Subclassed .vcx library of standard VFP controls all subclassed and given a user generated name prefix. This saves the user manually generating a base .vcx file and manually adding controls to it. 2. Using the base class library produced in (1), take all the forms in a project and convert each of them so as to mane all the controls reflect a class of the subclassed controls in the .vcx. Once again this saves hacking the .scx files or in the worst case deleting and then re-inserting a substitute re-classed control which is tedious. Author: Dave Crozier  Freeware 78.4K Last updated: 2011.12.16
(UPDATED 11-08-2011) Using my n-tier design approach and incorporating Paul McNett's MakeUpdatable.prg, I show you a simple demo app that connects to a MySQL web database from my VFP9 app framework. It's designed to be simple and straight-forward for the pure ease of illustration/example. Special thanks to Paul McNett for offering his web database for access with this. In the zip download, you'll find all of the project files, plus the MySQL ODBC Setup.exe file. Let me know if you have any questions or if I missed anything. Thanks, --Mike Author: Michael J. Babcock, MCP  Freeware 2.5MB Last updated: 2011.11.08
Cursor adapter builder utility from Mark McCasland. Modified to be VFP 9 compatible according to description on foxite, which is where I found this. (Note: author email is unknown so I'm putting my address here in the submission form because it's required.) Author: Mark McCasland  Freeware 31.7K Last updated: 2011.10.13
create ODBC DSN. includes 2 prgs: ODBC.PRG by Mark McCasland and REGISTRY.PRG from Rick Strahl and included with his permission per comment in Mark's code. Author: Mark McCasland & Rick Strahl  Freeware 9.9K Last updated: 2011.09.14
A VFP program to check the access permissions of a file. This returns OK when the file has both Write and Delete permissions. This returns RIGHTS when the file does not have Write or Delete permissions. This returns READONLY when the file is marked Read Only. Author: Tracy Pearson  Freeware 0.9K Last updated: 2011.09.02
A simple demonstration form of the grid.anchor property easily working. Thanks to Fred Taylor for the tip. (Updated 11-02-2010 to include the mjbbase class library.) Author: Michael J. Babcock, MCP  Freeware 9.4K Last updated: 2010.11.02
In VFP Export to filename type xls do not export the memo fields of a table to excel table. The limit of a excel column is 255 characters. So the memo field is divided into fields of 250 characters and exported. changed if a vfp table contains autoincrementing field. Updated on 15/04/2010 for resizing excel columns. Author: Sumit Saha  Other Open Source License 2.4K Last updated: 2010.04.14
Finds tables from a given path (and recurses subdirectories) and returns info about table (filesize, record count, date last modified). Simple demo on ADIR and recursion. Author: Michael J. Babcock, MCP  Freeware 3.0K Last updated: 2009.09.18
The report preview form is based on the ctl32 scontainer project of VFPX. The report preview is being previewed in a scrollable container. Author: Sumit Saha  Freeware 224K Last updated: 2009.08.22
VFP class for intelligent Textbox/Combobox that does a "Get Closest" search in real time displaying a subset of possible data in a dropdown box. The data is taken from a file which contains a list of the required "lookup keys/descriptions". Developed from an initial idea taken from "1001 things ....". Author: Dave Crozier  Other Open Source License 50K Last updated: 2009.05.08
FTP Class 2.0.7 si base on FTP Services for Visual Foxpro 5.0+ written by Robert Abram. Homepage is Author: Martina Jindrová  Other Open Source License 568K Last updated: 2009.04.21
Version: (VFP 9.0); Coverage profiler (CVP) is special programming utility for Microsoft Visual Foxpro, designed and intended for processing "log/txt file", created by the command SET COVERAGE TO ..., and consecutive displaying source code. You can download other version from Author: Martina Jindrová  Other Open Source License 6MB Last updated: 2009.04.21
A simple demonstration form of the grid.anchor property easily working. Thanks to Fred Taylor for the tip. Author: Mike Babcock  Freeware 2.0K Last updated: 2009.03.12
This short program looks for a text string in all columns of all tables of a VFP database and returns table.field locations where found. Helpful for me to get rid of certain text from across the database tables. Author: Michael J. Babcock, MCP  Freeware 1.3K Last updated: 2009.02.06
I wrote this quick app to check the DBFs in a selected folder for memo field problems. Our scenario was with free tables (not dbc-linked). This program is simply to identify tables where a problem exists--not to fix them. Zip contains project and all related files, including memocheck.exe. All suggestions/improvements are welcome for the betterment of the community! Author: Michael J. Babcock, MCP  Other Open Source License 12K Last updated: 2009.01.27
Helpdesk software. Author: Stephen Weeks  Freeware 3MB Last updated: 2008.10.17
The source code for the helpdesk uploaded earlier Author: Stephen Weeks  Freeware 514K Last updated: 2008.10.17
Pick a VFP project file and this utility will create a *simple* TAB delimited text file of all project members in order to allow easy way to audit what files should be in the project. Author: Richard Kaye  Freeware 2.0K Last updated: 2008.10.02
I recently migrated an app from a VFP backend to a MySQL backend. I whipped up this quick PRG to help upload the data (easily). Author: Michael J. Babcock, MCP  Other Open Source License 2.2K Last updated: 2008.09.07
Kevin Ragsdale's Desktop alerts (Source in cluded) classes with a small simple form "Demo" which generates sample alerts. Either Compile or Register the Alerts and run Demo form. This time including the Demo Form! Author: Dave Crozier/Kevin Ragsdale  Other Open Source License 427K Last updated: 2008.02.13
An update to the RunFox utility for Visual FoxPro 9.0. It is a runtime Command Window, and works pretty much like the native VFP Command Window, except that it doesn't require the development version of VFP to work. It gives you all of the power of the native FoxPro Command Window in a distributed app.<br /> <b>NOTE:</b> No docs or source, just the EXE. Fire it up, and use it!<br /><b>SECOND NOTE:</b> Now with an added login capability. See the <b>README.txt</b> file for more information.<br /><b>THIRD NOTE:</b> This release fixes a bug in the return value from the optional login script. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 24K Last updated: 2007.10.11
A brief primer and a couple of example programs showing how I approached printing barcode and address labels using Dymo Labelwriter printers. The basic method illustrated has been in use on dozens of sites for several years now with no problems reported, either with the software or the printers. Author: Brian Abbott  Freeware 3.0K Last updated: 2007.10.07
Updated to generate method code for member objects of a class. Exports a Visual Class Library (VCX) to a PRG class library. This project is in beta so all feedback is welcome. Author: Eugene Vital  GPL Software 6.9K Last updated: 2007.10.03
A neat/simple component you drag over a grid at design time which allows full Drag/Drop within VFP without any other code at runtime. it also works within any VFP grid allowing you to drag/drop fields around from row to row and column to column. Author: R.D.Crozier  Other Open Source License 10K Last updated: 2007.10.01
This class allows for turning XML into objects and objects into XML. An intermediary step is creating a cursor from an object which can also be handy at times. Author: Kevin Cully  Other Open Source License 4.8K Last updated: 2007.09.26
This zip contains the powerpoint slides and source code that I used in my FoxForward 2K7 presentation. Use whatever you can to help you in your designs. Also includes my routine on capturing and emailing errors. Questions/comments encouraged! Author: Michael J. Babcock  Other Open Source License 2MB Last updated: 2007.09.09
PDM serves to create a complete HTML documentation of your VFP project or file list. You can download other version (binary for VFP 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0) and sources codes from Author: Martina Jindr&#367;  GPL Software 2MB Last updated: 2007.09.04
A (rough) tool written in VFP called DirSpace where the user can point to a folder and it sums up all of the space used in the subdirectories from that point and below. The results are a simple browse window. I use it all the time in helping me decide what to clean up by finding where all of my drive space is going. Author: Kevin Cully  Other Open Source License 2.3K Last updated: 2007.08.30
Last version of the FoxSocks Project (2002) to integrate Winsock TCP/IP calls into VFP without any ActiveX controls Author: Dave Crozier, Alan Hilton  Other Open Source License 953K Last updated: 2007.08.20
Enhancements founded upon the tool Stru2MySQL developed by Ed Leafe. (1)Script files created for each open table. (2)Master script file created. (3)Additional PostgreSQL commands are added to the script which drops existing tables if they exist. Author: Kevin Cully  Freeware 6.4K Last updated: 2007.08.15
Enhancements founded upon the tool developed by Ed Leafe. (1)Script files created for each open table. (2)Master script file created. (3)Additional MySQL commands are added to the script which drops existing tables if they exist. (4)Program allows for alternative engines to be specified. i.e. INNODB vs. MyISAM. Author: Kevin Cully  Freeware 3.8K Last updated: 2007.06.20
I took BLAT code snippets from other developers here on ProFox and put them into a class object for inclusion into my error (and other) email reporting. Feel free to use and distribute/improve! Author: Michael J. Babcock, MCP  Freeware 4.3K Last updated: 2007.05.31
pdaconv2.prg Program that uses ADOX (ADODB) to import a vfp table into an Access database. Change 'WinSIMS.mdb' and 'pdaexp' (access database and vfp table respectively) to suit your own needs. See also uploads pdaconv3.prg and pdaconv4.prg. Enjoy! Author: Brian Abbott  Freeware 14K Last updated: 2007.05.18
pdaconv3.prg Program that uses Access automation to import a vfp table into an Access database. Change 'WinSIMS.mdb' and 'pdaexp' (access database and vfp table respectively) to suit your own needs. See also uploads pdaconv2.prg and pdaconv4.prg. Enjoy! Author: Brian Abbott  Freeware 2.9K Last updated: 2007.05.18
pdaconv4.prg Program that uses ADOX to link a vfp table to an Access database. Change 'WinSIMS.mdb' and 'pdaexp' (access database and vfp table respectively) to suit your own needs. See also uploads pdaconv2.prg and pdaconv3.prg. Enjoy! Author: Brian Abbott  Freeware 1.4K Last updated: 2007.05.18
2 small forms that allow you to update a clients databases, views, tables, and indexes from your source structures. Includes a table of all the index definitions left in the client dir to use as part of a data maintenance. ** Update ** added support for appending autoinc fields and retaining nextval / stepval Author: John McDonald  Freeware 22K Last updated: 2007.02.16
Here's a simple loader.prg I've used since 2003. Use this to simplify updates at your client sites. This also enables the app to run on your client PC as opposed to the server, so you don't have that age-old problem of having to get everyone out of the app when you have to update it! Simple, and works great! Stop running your apps on the server and suffering the problems related to that! Author: Michael J. Babcock, MCP  Freeware 71K Last updated: 2006.11.22
Use this template when submitting a white paper to MicroSoft. Note the email address to send to should be changed to Milend Lele Author: k[Levy]x  Freeware 25K Last updated: 2006.11.12
Prevents your EXEs of VFP project against Refox/Unfox-All or other decompiler. Demo version will protect EXE with maximum size 50Kb. When you try to protect EXE with size more than 50Kb, system will guide you how to get Full version. Author: Sukedi Suud  Demoware 67K Last updated: 2006.08.25
Sample VFP utility programs for batch hacking of FRXs. 5 that should work out of the box and one sample to get you started. Author: Richard Kaye  Freeware 7.3K Last updated: 2006.02.21
Class Library Utility Extension - A tool I started back in '95 with Tom Rettig. Never got around to incorporating Tom's prg2vcx into it. The output were developed with his prg in mind. Works with both Class Libs (VCX) and Forms (SCX). Source code is available ... just ask. Author: Francis I. Coppage, Jr.  Freeware 500K Last updated: 2006.02.17
Code for capturing the screen of a VFP application and saving the graphic to a BMP file. Does not require registering any DLLs, and should work on machines in a "locked-down" environment. Author: See readme.txt for acknowledgments)  Freeware 46K Last updated: 2005.11.12
Compares table structures in 2 locations/directories and reports the difference or updates the target to be the same as the source. Author: Stephen Weeks  Freeware 58K Last updated: 2005.10.28
Small program to take an input cursor and create a new cursor with the rows/columns transformed. Currently only works with character fields, but easily modified for other field types. Author: Dave Crozier  Freeware 849 Last updated: 2005.09.27
A programatic class to automatically allocate primary keys to tables from a "next primary key" lookup table. Also includes a "next document number" routine to allocate say next invoice number fields. Author: Dave Crozier  Freeware 15K Last updated: 2005.08.02
Splits up Memo Fields into fixed length blocks/FIelds and adds them into a "memo file". Also contains routines to extract and piece back together a memo. Author: Dave Crozier  Freeware 1.9K Last updated: 2005.07.27
Application Generator Application - similar to Dan Bricklin's old DEMO program. upl by WillSanders. Author: Ebendinger Systems  Freeware 25MB Last updated: 2005.07.09
PDM serves to create a complete HTML documentation of your VFP project or file list. You can download other version (binary for VFP 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0) from Author: Martin Jindra  Freeware 2MB Last updated: 2005.06.25
This program allows you to create nested directories in one call. It is written completely in VFP and works in VFP 6,7,8,9. Author: Eugene Vital  Freeware 3.4K Last updated: 2005.05.26
Quick and dirty program to repair corrupted tables Author: Peter Hart  Freeware 4.0K Last updated: 2005.05.26
This is a calendar object for Visual FoxPro. Used with a date text box, it drops down a VFP calendar class for selecting dates. Author: Author: Allan Lindgren, Quentin  Freeware 22K Last updated: 2005.05.20
George Tasker's help file. (I checked the 'about' and George seems to have no restrictions on distribution). Author: George Tasker (uploaded by Andy Davies)  Freeware 47K Last updated: 2005.05.17
A base class and an example class using the classic levenshtein algorithm to determine % match between strings. The sample class, FuzzyName, applies weights to different parts of a human name and sets a 2 tier cutoff system---all of these are customizable at runtime. Author: Bob Calco  Freeware 3.8K Last updated: 2005.04.18
This is a wrapper class for the MS RichTextBox control which adds some functionality. I wrote it mainly because I needed an easy way to put subscripts in chemical formulas The main idea and usage is explained in comments in the KeyDown event of the RTB Comments and criticisms welcome Enjoy ! Paul Newton Author: Paul Newton  Freeware 3.0K Last updated: 2005.03.15
Three small utilities to get field info from a foxpro data table. Useful for coders to quickly get a list of the fileds and their info in many different formats. Author: Gifford Nicholson  Freeware 2.4K Last updated: 2005.02.03
A utility to get the differences between two database tables or the tables in two directories. Used to compare databases with what is in the development environment or known good structure for determining what needs to be updated or troubleshooting field structures. Author: Gifford Nicholson  Freeware 44K Last updated: 2005.02.03
A neet tool to allow you to look at/edit tables, projects, programs and files directly from windows explorer. This is writtten in Vis Fox8 and includes source if you need it in another version. Author: Chuck Maier  Freeware 20K Last updated: 2005.02.02
VariSense is a productivity tool for Visual Foxpro 7 and later. This is a quick little tool, that when triggered (usually through a keyboard shortcut), will search in your code for variables local to your procedure and do its best to complete what you're typing. 2.0 adds support for class properties/methods in DEFINE CLASS! Author: Derek J. Kalweit  Freeware 13K Last updated: 2005.01.24
Calculates the time difference in Seconds/Minutes/Hours or Days between 2 given dates and times, you may or may not include weekends in the calculation and you may or may not only calculate within given working hours ie 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri etc. Author: Stephen Weeks  Freeware 4.9K Last updated: 2005.01.20
Add the contents of this file to Syntax.ini to adds automatic VFP 9.0 syntax highlighting to the Boxer Text Editor ( Author: Dave Bernard  Freeware 16K Last updated: 2005.01.20
A "getcolor" form that is based on a color wheel. Very versatile. You can change the number of hues displayed in the wheel and their size. You can also change the number of shades displayed for a given hue. Feedback and comments welcome. Enjoy ! Author: Paul Newton  Freeware 38K Last updated: 2004.11.18
PDM serves to create a complete HTML documentation of your VFP project or file list. Author: Martin Jindra  Freeware 2MB Last updated: 2004.10.26
"AddInfoX" is a Class Browser add-in that fills the right-side tree with additional information about events, methods and properties. Author: Nick Drochak & Vladimir Tokarev  Freeware 25K Last updated: 2004.09.16
Fairly Detailed ConCordance / Cross Reference between VB6 and VFP6. Uploaded by WilliamSanders Author: Les Pinter  Freeware 191K Last updated: 2004.09.03
Tzip is a file compression and archiving library written in VFP based on the excellent zlib.dll. It is not zip-compatible, but this can be a plus as the files are "pseudo-encrypted" by the compresion routine. Includes example user interface form. This fix is for possible broken archive being left if error occurs during creation. Author: Doug Thomson  Freeware 90K Last updated: 2004.07.16
Helpdesk Fault logging/tracking software. Further debugging and several new features. Author: Stephen Weeks  Freeware 6MB Last updated: 2004.07.01
from Isengard Software / Pablo Flores Author: Pablo Flores  Freeware 795K Last updated: 2004.05.21
Dynamically creates a lookup form to return key values from lookup tables. Allows you to sub-sort by clicking on additional headers while holding down the Control key. Author: Barry Childs  Freeware 13K Last updated: 2004.05.04
Tool to generate CREATE TABLE statements for MySQL from the currently selected alias in VFP Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 2.1K Last updated: 2004.04.22
ChkStr is the "Code References" utility on steroids. It will scan all of the objects in a Foxpro Project (.PJX file) or a list of files in an ASCII file for a string or strings. It includes forms to view the results, the original file, the source code, etc. You can also open the results file(s) and run searches on 'em. You can find and replace strings down to the source code line level. Author: Chet Gardiner  Freeware 605K Last updated: 2004.04.07
Just an updated version of the ftp_class program. Author: Robert Abram  Freeware 21K Last updated: 2004.03.23
This is a little utility that replaces the command line DISPLAY STRUCTURE in Fox DOS and VisFox (all revs). It does away with scrolling screen and also displays the CDX tags and descriptors for the current table in use. Author: Chuck Maier  Freeware 1.3K Last updated: 2004.03.14
Offline version of the FoxPro Wiki in CHM format. (Corrected double scrollbar problem) Author: Steven Black  Freeware 13 MB Last updated: 2004.03.02
Offline version of the FoxPro Wiki in HTML format Author: Steven Black  Freeware 16 MB Last updated: 2004.03.01
Container class using a dropdown list and textbox to simulate a combobox that returns numeric values. Can set max, min values, increment. Value is set in interactive change event. Author: Paul Newton  Freeware 2.0K Last updated: 2003.12.05
Update your stored procedures "on the fly" in your production apps when VFP IDE is not available. Gets around the "feature is not available" message when trying to do it as you might first expect (entering a MODIFY PROCEDURE command inside a live application). Author: Michael J. Babcock  Freeware 54K Last updated: 2003.11.11
1. hide string inside a bmp and fetch them 2. hide fxp/exe inside a bmp and execute them Author: David Tindugan  Freeware 1MB Last updated: 2003.11.03
An update to the original TS.PRG, which searches all the files you specify for a given text string. This new version uses a VFP form to display the results in a grid, where you can see the line of the file that matched, and optionally edit that file. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 16K Last updated: 2003.10.29
SourceSafe Boost is an utility that checks for all files that are handled by SourceSafe, in a given directory and all the subdirectories. If such a file is found (that is checked out too), the text file is updated. The advantage of SourceSafe Boost is that this process is extremly quick. Even if there are a number of files checked out, it usually only takes a couple of seconds to update. Author: Markus Egger  Freeware 6.4K Last updated: 2003.10.14
FoxLint reviews code in VFP projects and produces statistical information about that code, such as number of lines of code, percentage of code in methods vs. procedures vs. functions and complexity ratings of code. It is useful in finding possible trouble spots in code and getting an overview of code development. Author: Anthony L. Testi  Freeware 283K Last updated: 2003.10.10
FoxLint reviews code in VFP projects and produces statistical information about that code, such as number of lines of code, percentage of code in methods vs. procedures vs. functions and complexity ratings of code. It is useful in finding possible trouble spots in code and getting an overview of code development. Author: Anthony L. Testi  Freeware 136K Last updated: 2003.10.08
Here's some code with a small DLL to make it possible to print your form to a bitmap. The Code is written by Eric den Doop, file submitted by Boudewijn Lutgerink Author: Eric den Doop  Freeware 15K Last updated: 2003.09.09
Fed up with the unreadable output of the "list structure to print" command?This tool uses the current alias and puts the output on paper in a word document including the indexes. It is a simple "on key label" program that you can place in your home() directory and that you can automatically start through your startup program. (Tools->Options tab "file locations") Have fun! Author: Boudewijn Lutgerink  Freeware 1.3K Last updated: 2003.08.18
Generic program to make a VFP SPT cursor updatable. Use from the VFP IDE or integrate into your apps. Intended as a tutorial, not for production. Author: Paul McNett  Freeware 4.5K Last updated: 2003.08.07
Screen and Prg code to create a simple VFP benchmark program. Created in 7.0 but should compile under 5,6,7, and 8. Feel free to use and distribute this code. Please let author know of any bugs or enhancements others would benefit from. Author: Anthony L. Testi  Freeware 8.5K Last updated: 2003.05.23
This projecthook automates the backup of your entire project in the directory of your choice. It makes backups when you open the project and immediately after building an exe, dll or app. See the Word document that is included. Author: Boudewijn Lutgerink  Freeware 66K Last updated: 2003.05.06
Don't get swept away by massive marketing of the latest and hottest tool. Determine all by yourself, as manager, what tool is best for YOUR needs Author: Boudewijn Lutgerink  Freeware 225K Last updated: 2003.04.15
Want spellchecking in your VFP app? Use Microsoft Word for that purpose. This sample shows how to do it Author: Boudewijn Lutgerink  Freeware 24K Last updated: 2003.04.04
An update to the RunFox utility for Visual FoxPro. It is a runtime Command Window, and works pretty much like the native VFP Command Window, except that it doesn't require the development version of VFP to work. It gives you all of the power of the native FoxPro Command Window in a distributed app. It has been updated to work with Stonefield Data Toolkit, or any other product that requires installation in the menu. NOTE: No docs or source, just the EXE. Fire it up, and use it! Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 23K Last updated: 2003.03.31
Use this builder to build a VCX of CursorAdapters for EVERY table in a DBC, SQL Server database or an Oracle schema. The PRG class has demo code at the beginning of the file so be sure to read all the comments at the top of this file. Author: Mark McCasland  Freeware 8K Last updated: 2003.03.07
<b>MsgBox</b> is a replacement for the generic VFP MessageBox() function. It is 100% VFP code, and requires no external forms or libraries. MsgBox has the following extensions/improvements: <ul><li><b>Improved sizing.</b> The standard messagebox doesn't break lines until about 100 characters, making funny-looking boxes for many messages.</li> <li>Return values are the number of the button, counting from the left, rather than a specific code for each legend. E.g., for Yes/No, Yes returns 1.</li> <li>Custom buttons. In addition to the standard selections, you can specify any set of buttons you wish.</li> </ul> Author: Dan Covill  Freeware 3K Last updated: 2003.01.21
Text Search v2.1 - Search for text strings in PRGs, VCXs, SCXs, FRXs, etc. using this Visual FoxPro utility. New version 2.0 now searches reports, prompts for search directory, and generates improved search reports. Many of these changes were contributed by Jean Maurice, the Foxil! Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 4K Last updated: 2002.11.14
Same as vRunFox8, but compiled in VFP 7.0 Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 17K Last updated: 2002.10.20
Same as vRunFox8, but compiled in VFP 6.0 Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 17K Last updated: 2002.10.19
DSTRUCTV.exe is a simple VFP program for documenting .DBF structures. It t generates a .TXT file containing the structure of VFP 6/7 .DBF files, the blocksize of .FPT files if any, and the tags in associated .CDX files. It works on an entire directory or you can specify a file skeleton. Author: Dan Covill  Freeware 12K Last updated: 2002.09.10
iCom is a COM registration class. By using the iCom CreateObjectSafe calling method to instantiate COM dll's or ocx's, you avoid OLE and "File not found" errors in the event the COM component is not properly registered or installed. Author: Jim Eddins  Freeware 4K Last updated: 2002.07.18
The ProFox Listserve archives have had a web service front end for a while now; this is a little form I put together that allows you to search the archives from within VFP 7. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 8K Last updated: 2002.05.20
PDFMaker is not just another Windows PDF print driver designed to allow you to send anything to it. The difference is this program works from inside Visual FoxPro to allow you to use all your existing fox reports. This program is designed to be run either as a server (with your web server) or stand-alone for desktop usage. PDF Maker does NOT make use of Redmon or any other Shareware. Author: Bob Lee  Freeware 42K Last updated: 2002.05.19
A class library that takes FRX reports and produces HTML pages. The output is IE-specific and pretty bloated, but if that's not a limitation, this might be the thing for you. This is a demo version with an annoying nag screen; the registered version will run you $69.95. Author: Neova, Inc.  Demoware 170K Last updated: 2002.03.22
Visual FoxPro sample program that uses the QuickBooks API. Author: Ilmar Waldner  Freeware 4K Last updated: 2002.02.27
MD5 RSA hashing algorithm for Visual FoxPro. Author: Dan Covill  Freeware 30K Last updated: 2002.01.13
This zip file contains two utility programs. The first, GetDrv.prg, returns a drive letter for the server name passed to it. The second, PrtStruc.prg, prints/stores table structures. Author: Gerry White  Freeware 2K Last updated: 2001.03.02
Visual FoxPro utility to convert classes defined in a PRG into VCX-based classes. Author: Tom Rettig  Freeware 25K Last updated: 2000.07.19
The FoxPro Index Corruption Detection Utility. For when you have a workstation on a network that you believe is corrupting indexes. It works by turning Rushmore on and off, executing various read/write operations and comparing the results. Author: Todd Gilbert  Freeware 7K Last updated: 2000.03.27
Adaptation of the original Launcher.prg which appeared in the January 1997 FoxPro Advisor Magazine. This version is designed to work with Visual FoxPro. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 13K Last updated: 2000.03.15
Routine to be called to limit Visual FoxPro to using only physical RAM, not virtual memory. Can vastly improve performance, especially when running queries. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 1K Last updated: 2000.01.20
Reindexing routine for Visual FoxPro tables, taken from the Codebook cTableBehavior class and adapted for use outside of Codebook. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 2K Last updated: 1999.12.31
A table containing all the international telephone codes. Author: Jim Eddins  Freeware 3K Last updated: 1999.11.04
A vertical Windows TrueType font (UniversCondensed). Author: Lou Syracuse  Freeware 152K Last updated: 1999.10.07
The Object Inspector. A Visual FoxPro utility which allows you to inspect objects at both design-time and runtime, seeing their public properties and methods, and allowing you to change properties or fire methods. You can also "drill down" into contained objects, or "drill up" to its parent container. Now includes the ability to change the Inspector's font, as well as the ability to view code at any level of the class hierarchy. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 21K Last updated: 1999.10.07
This is a lib of controls that make a grid show the current row in color without a call to setall in afterrowcolumnchange. The textbox that is placed in the grid also has dblclick code to call a method on a form. Author: Allan Lindgren  Freeware 5K Last updated: 1999.10.06
This is a handy public-domain utility for working with views in VFP. It will not create them initially, but instead allows you to edit your views, as well as specify all the properties of the view fields (updatable, caption, format, validation, etc.)  Freeware 92K Last updated: 1999.02.12
A replacement for the VFP GenDBC utility. This gets around many of the limitations of the Microsoft-supplied version, such as the 32K generated program size. Author: Steve Arnott  Freeware 25K Last updated: 1997.12.14