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A zipped file containing county, state, area code, fips, zips, ... Currently in a csv file Author: jeff fisher  Freeware 346K Last updated: 2004.11.17
Basic info - this file is a csv file with just county, state, population and income Author: jeff fisher  Freeware 48K Last updated: 2004.11.17
A basic DOM parser in Python, developed for use as an External Method in Zope. It has public methods for locating nodes by tag, retrieving content by tag, printing a tree of the DOM structure, and getting child/parent/sibling nodes of any node. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 7.7K Last updated: 2003.03.02
This is a mediocre-quality copy of the video showed at Comdex, and then later again at the MVP summit. It's really pretty funny!  Freeware 15MB Last updated: 2003.02.22
A humorous and surprising look into the world of hardware tech support. Format: PowerPoint slide presentation  Freeware 228K Last updated: 2003.01.17