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When doing a client demo, there's that dead pause when you start to load the EXE and wait... and wait... and wait. Wait no more! Use the FPD screen to design a snappy screen with @... SAY and @... BOX, colors and blinking, and save it. Generate an ANSI code text file you can TYPE from your startup BATch file to make your application feel snappier and more responsive. Originally published in FoxTalk October 1992. Code released under MIT license, article under Creative Commons ShareAlike-NonCommercial-Attribution 3.0 See for the article. Author: Ted Roche  Freeware 4.5K Last updated: 2019.01.29
If you have to ever have to create a FoxPro 2.6 application that has to be cross-platform on Windows and the Mac, then you need XPlat, the professional's transporter replacement. The transporter which Microsoft ships with FoxPro will mangle your carefully laid-out screens and reports, requiring hours of correction by hand. With XPlat, though, the transport process is so clean that most screens will not require tweaking. You also have much greater control over how objects are displayed on each platform. Registered users: drop me an <a href=" XPlat upgrade">email</a> and I'll send you the current password and instructions for downloading the latest registered version. Author: Ed Leafe  Shareware 156K Last updated: 1997.05.22
A collection of programs and PTXs for de-snippetizing SCXs into a standard PRG/SCX pair. The calling PRG is in a standard format, allowing for re-snipping later on with ReSnip.PRG (also included). The PTXs allow you to directly edit the snippet code in the PRG from the screen while using the PTX Editor. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 22K Last updated: 1996.08.25
RunFox is a x-platform DOS/Win/Mac utility that allows you to include all of the power of the native FoxPro Command Window in a distributed app. It looks and works exactly like the native Command Window, so you can be more productive while debugging and supporting distributed apps. It can be built into your apps or called as a separate EXE. Full source code and documentation is included. Also included is ReadCfg, a small program that lets you read configuration settings from the CONFIG.FP/FPW/FPM file. v1.1M - Author: Ed Leafe  Shareware - $13.0048K Last updated: 1994.06.14