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I add the possibility to include an image in the contextual menu, it is an example of a contextual menu in the fill-out form ( new, requery, storm door, delete ). Any problem contacting with me Author: Julian Cortes Anton  Freeware 38K Last updated: 2004.09.25
A simple form to view the Error Log table created by CB 6.2 error handler. Suitable for end-user. Author: Gary E. Krell  Freeware 3.7K Last updated: 2004.08.31
Creado para poner, imagenes en el menu contextual,e puesto un ejemplo un menu contextual en un formulario.Espero que os sirva, para cualquier problema contactar conmigo Author: Julian Cortes Anton  Freeware 38K Last updated: 2004.06.13
These are the files needed to implement the DevNotes feature of CodeBook. A readme.txt is included for instructions. Author: Virgil B. Bevans  Freeware 6.6K Last updated: 2003.12.15
Uses an incremental search textbox with a grid to show progress. Based on i-layer controls and compatible with VFP 6,7 and 8. Most of the properties are set in the seek button which makes the forms reusable. PgUp, PgDown, Up and Down arrow. DblClick or Enter to select. Esc to cancel. Author: Michael S Pratt  Freeware 32K Last updated: 2003.12.09
Multiples parametros en las vistas(Multiple view parameters),modificación para en el builder del bizobj, se le pueda poner mas de un parametro entre comillas,hasta ahora solo se podia poner uno,siento mi ingles no es muy bueno para traducir el texto, si hay algun bug de alguien que lo prueba,decirmelo..muchas gracias Author: Julian Cortes Anton  Freeware 73K Last updated: 2003.11.26
Implementación del MsgSvc7 Tips of The Day al CB62 Documento que explica como readaptar la nueva versión del excelente programa de Steven Black al CB6.2, integrando al framework su opción de Tips of The Day. (Document that explains as readapting the new version of Steven Black's excellent program to the CB6.2, integrating to our framework their option of Tips of The Day. ) Author: Ricardo De Castro Aquino  Freeware 50K Last updated: 2003.10.04
These builder are a hotch-potch from many sources and a bit of my work. All in all they were made with iSecCtl.vcx in mind that I use but I guess they can be adapted for iContrls.vcx usage, but I have not tried it. Best of all the lv_ to v_ is done for you and also pulls in the Comment from the view, provided you have imported them from the dbf (View Editor from Steve Sawyer does a good job). Author: Bhavbhuti Nathwani  Freeware 9.6K Last updated: 2003.09.23
Revisión 1:Documento traducido a español del gran tutorial CodeBook Step by Step de Ed Leafe, contine además algunos agregados, correcciones técnicas y de concepto. (Translated Whitepaper based on the great tutorial CodeBook Step by Step by Ed Leafe, includes some little technical corrections.) Author: Ricardo De Castro Aquino  Freeware 163K Last updated: 2003.08.26
Una opción de menú que abre, una ventana Examinar controlada, no editable sobre la entidad principal del formulario activo. Permite al usuario navegar y se posiciona en el registro elegido al cerrarse. (A menu option to open up a Browse window controlled, no editable, over the main entity of the active form. Allow the user to navigate and to be positioned in the elected record, when it´s closed.) Author: Ricardo De Castro Aquino  Freeware 194K Last updated: 2003.08.23
UPDATE(1a):Este documento muestra como anexar un menú contextual a un combobox a fin de permitir al usuario agregar nuevos datos a la entidad en la que se basa el control, llamando el formulario apropiado.(This document shows how to annex a contextual menu to a icombobox in order to allow the user to add new data to the entity in which this control is based, calling the appropriate form.) Author: Ricardo De Castro Aquino  Freeware 221K Last updated: 2003.08.22
Esta librería de clases (actualizada) permite implementar una ventana de búsquedas que actúa sobre el oBizObj del formulario activo. Puede ser lanzada desde el menú principal y/o desde la barra de herramientas de navegación.(This class library allows to implement a search window that acts on the oBizObj of the active form. It can be lauched from the main menu and/or from the navigation toolbar.) Author: Ricardo De Castro Aquino  Freeware 155K Last updated: 2003.07.24
This is a small utility which can create/modify a table in your DBC using the BROWSE window. IMO is very mouse intensive having limited Copy/Paste and I couldn't remember all the Alt combinations. With this interface you will be able to view the table definition at a single glance, helping you to create the table rather than taking the mouse for a click-and-run ride Author: Bhavbhuti Nathwani  Freeware 12K Last updated: 2003.07.01
A Grid Builder for views. This is especially made with CodeBook in mind as the view names start with lv_ whereas we are supposed to use the viewnames as v_. Also takes into considerations the InputMasks, Formats, IntelliDrop, etc. Author: Bhavbhuti Nathwani  Freeware 187K Last updated: 2003.06.19
A preview version of the forthcoming update to the Step-By-Step Guide. It contains 10 new pages of information, but is not yet finished. I'm posting this now so that a) I can get feedback and b) those who have completed the initial version of the guide can start moving forward on the next part. Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 160K Last updated: 2002.04.01
If you downloaded any version of the 6.2 beta, you only need to download this file and unzip it from your base codebook directory to get all the changes in the final released version.  Freeware 1.2MB Last updated: 2002.04.01
This is the full release of the 6.2 version of the Codebook framework  Freeware 2.5 MB Last updated: 2002.04.01
Created especially for those who are new to the Codebook framework. Walks you through the creation of a Codebook application, describing each step taken and explaining why it works the way it does. Designed as a hands-on tutorial; after working through it, you will have created a working Codebook application. Updated to work with Beta 4 Author: Ed Leafe  Freeware 160K Last updated: 2002.01.10
A step-by-step guide to help newcomers to Codebook create basic 1-to-many forms. Author: Geoff Whitman  Freeware 54K Last updated: 2001.10.11
These data behavior classes let Codebook work with SQL Server backends. Please note that these classes have not yet been tested with CB 6.1. Author: Dan Welter  Freeware 120K Last updated: 2001.04.12
Modified classlibs that remove the old cSaviPrf stuff from the Preference Form. See the ReadMe file for instructions. Author: Javed Aslam  Freeware 37K Last updated: 1999.12.17
A replacement for the VFP menu generator, which allows Codebook menu classes to be generated along with MPR code. Author: Zoran Stefanov  Freeware 29K Last updated: 1999.09.03
Volume 3, Issue 2 of the Codebook News, published by CT Blankenship  Freeware 616K Last updated: 1999.08.15
This collection of classes consists of some improvements made to the framework classes. The modified classes include the application class, data behavior classes, bizobjs, forms and the latest version of his improved mover. Author: Dan Welter  Freeware 162K Last updated: 1999.05.14
Volume 3, Issue 1 of the Codebook News, published by CT Blankenship  Freeware 2.5M Last updated: 1999.04.23
A utility which will add all the class libraries in a particular directory to your current project. Author: Michael Emmons  Freeware 8K Last updated: 1999.04.08
This utility will duplicate a class in a class library to the same class library, allowing you to rename the copy anything you like. Author: Michael Emmons  Freeware 12K Last updated: 1999.04.08
A handy utility which will search a directory and return a list of all child class definitions which exist for a given superclass. Author: Michael Emmons  Freeware 21K Last updated: 1999.03.04
Model (.mdl) files generated by Rational Rose for all the c-level classes in the Codebook Framework. Author: Jeff Evoy  Freeware 523K Last updated: 1999.01.07
Model (.doc format) files generated by Rational Rose for all the c-level classes in the Codebook Framework. Author: Jeff Evoy  Freeware 380K Last updated: 1999.01.07
The User Manual for Version 6 of the Codebook Framework. Please note that this has not been updated for the 6.1 or 6.2 versions of the framework. You'd be better off using the Step-By-Step guide for learning how the current versions work.  Freeware 274K Last updated: 1998.12.10
Volume 2, Issue 3 of the Codebook News, published by CT Blankenship  Freeware 1.7M Last updated: 1998.12.07
The mover classes which come with the original framework have their share of problems. Here is a candidate for replacement, which is a cleaner design using arrays. Try it out, and post your comments on the Forum. Author: Larry Bradley  Freeware 10K Last updated: 1998.11.10
Volume 1, Issue 3 of the Codebook News, published by CT Blankenship  Freeware 56K Last updated: 1998.08.12
Volume 1, Issue 4 of the Codebook News, published by CT Blankenship  Freeware 274K Last updated: 1998.08.12
Volume 2, Issue 2 of the Codebook News, published by CT Blankenship  Freeware 791K Last updated: 1998.05.25
A series of classes created in 1997-98 to enhance Codebook. Author: CT Blankenship  Freeware 50K Last updated: 1998.04.27
Volume 2, Issue 1 of the Codebook News, published by CT Blankenship  Freeware 467K Last updated: 1998.03.02
Volume 1, Issue 2 of the Codebook News, published by CT Blankenship  Freeware 857K Last updated: 1997.08.13
Volume 1, Issue 1 of the Codebook News, published by CT Blankenship  Freeware 98K Last updated: 1997.07.02